Autobiography on my childhood days

Introduction - When young - Worries about studies Childhood free from cares. When I was a child the world seemed to be a place of joy and happiness to me. There was nothing worth.

Autobiography on my childhood days

My teachers created certain situations in the classroom in which we performed different activities based on the themes provided by them. These activities had helped build my vision how to tackle different scenarios and how different alternatives can be created and best chosen in a given situation.

I was provided with huge opportunities during my school life. We played different games to encourage creativity in us. I was tested through regular assignments that were also beneficial throughout my educational period. My teachers encouraged me to engage in creative activities, enjoy the experiences at school and, with their help; I developed a broader spectrum of activities.

At school, I improved my communication skills, enhanced clarity and precision. The ideas given by me during studies were welcomed by the teachers and the school regularly took my feedback to assess the development of my skills and abilities.

I can safely articulate that my school experience has broadened my vision, built my skills, and influenced my life chances and choices. Experiences in Life Giving Message to be Cautious or Risk Taking Risk aggravates and increases different types of responses for which a person should make a decision whether to take risk or be cautious.

Autobiography on my childhood days

Life experiences have taught me to respond to a situation in different ways. In other words I have a set of alternatives offering me distinctive solutions to tackle a situation.

This is an essay is not only on my childhood but also about the lessons I have learned throughout my childhood. At the age of 3 or so, my mom and dad moved to the states. My mother, originally from Germany, brought us overseas due to my father who was in the United States Army. My Childhood, the first book of an autobiographical trilogy by Maxim Gorky, published in Russian in –14 as Detstvo. It was also translated into English as Childhood. Like the volumes of autobiography that were to follow, My Childhood examines the author’s experiences by means of individual portraits and descriptions of events. T. E. Kyei's memoirs trace his life from his early childhood in the opening decade of the twentieth century through Ghana's independence in The autobiography demonstrates this consummate cultural translator's ability to both intuit the questions raised by those unfamiliar with Asante culture and also seamlessly weave answers to such questions into his narrative.

I can ignore or take safety precautions by thinking different alternatives. I could minimize the risk by taking every possible precaution and weighing pros and cons of the action to be taken.

Autobiography on my childhood days

I have the option to rely on other people's experience or on my own understanding. Experience has told me Autobiography on my childhood days although it is always tempting to take risk for getting huge rewards but the consequences attached to risk should also be predicted and assessed and only then calculated risk should be taken.

Several day-to-day activities are risky in nature and should be dealt accordingly. The safety precautions should be taken as demanded by the situation. It is pertinent to mention that efforts should be made to minimize the risk as much as it is possible even in minor affairs during routine life.

It means that activities involving considerably high level of risks should be avoided, but experience has also taught me that it is better to understand the benefits attached with risks and only then decision should be made. Goals Set by my Parents and School a Place of Freedom or Fear Accomplishments especially in education can be understood better based on the goals set for the children by parents and also level of parent's aspirations.

These goals and aspirations are directly related to the academic activities of students and contribute heavily towards accomplishments during education and also in the future life.

It is pertinent to mention that parent's ambitions and goal setting influences level of success in studies and their intellectual achievements. My parents determined and set goals for educational accomplishments to develop values and support my belief about my abilities and intelligence.

School has always remained a place of freedom for me where I enjoyed different activities set by the teachers. These activities were designed to improve my skills, develop my vision, and prepare for the future life. I was always encouraged to enjoy freedom despite certain fears that I had.

I was made to understand that risks are always there in the life, whether at school or outside world, but we have to be prepare to tackle them as rewards are attached to risks.

My Dreams when I was Younger Dreams of a young person are dynamic in nature as they are continuously changing. Dreams at times are fragile in nature while they could also prove beneficial for any young person to achieve success in the future life.

One of the biggest challenges in my life is to make a decision about career that follows after completing education. This, in fact, is a demanding situation in life as I have no idea of what it would be.

In this regard, goals set by parents to accomplish along with necessary freedom at school supported me to a huge extent. School made me think positively, understand the nature of risk and developed belief that risks are attached with rewards.

It is pertinent to highlight that every young person is overwhelmed by different alternatives available based on the stories of future success or failure. My parents provided me a favorable environment supporting my dreams and their inspirations.

However, excess of imagination is detrimental instead of beneficial. The culture in which I grew had always emphasized results and accomplishments. I was taught that we should always affirm the fundamental value of a human-being as exclusively valuable.

The sense of belonging developed especially by my parents has filled a feeling of safety, security, and comfort in me to accomplish the goals set by them. Conclusion In the paper I have strived to describe briefly my autobiography related to some special areas.

My Autobiography - School Experiences Influencing Life Chances & Choices

These areas include the experience I had in my school life and how education has influenced my life chances and choices. I have narrated my experiences that gave me message to be cautious or take risk in a particular situation. At the end I have mentioned the goals set for me by my parents and also the dreams I used to have during young age.Here is the thing though, you do not have to wait until you are old and gray to start writing your autobiography as it is a misconception to believe that autobiographies should be written this late in the game.

Heck, you can start as early as now while the memory is still fresh. May 16,  · CHILDHOOD MEMORIES OR MY CHILDHOOD CHILDHOOD MEMORIES OR MY CHILDHOOD.

Points: Introduction "Heaven lies about us in our fancy". The memory of these good days makes me happy. at Wednesday, May 16, Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Labels: School Autobiography Of An Old Bicycle; Autobiography Of An. Apart from the ones we discussed above, there are other autobiography examples of influential, brilliant and charismatic individuals.

My favorite ones are the childhood accounts of Satyajit Ray (Jokhon Chhoto Chhilaam or "When I was Young") and Rabindranath Tagore (Aamaar Chhelebelaa or "My Boyhood Days").

Essay on My Childhood in Hindi

Autobiography My name is Michael Smith and I was born on the 30th of August, in Long Beach, My early childhood was a typical middle class environment circa the 's. My dad two days after my real dad died. Yes, that was a very bad week.

MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY I am Gene Geralde Gonzales, I was born on May 2, at Baguio City, Philippines. I have a happy childhood living with my parents and with my siblings. During weekends, we usually spend our day in the park. And we help each other in our daily activities.

My family is a happy and a loving family. During my high school. The word autobiography literally means SELF (auto), LIFE (bio), WRITING (graph).Or, in other words, an autobiography is the story of someone's life written or otherwise told by that person.

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