Boston strangler killings essay

Sunday, September 1, Who was the "Boston strangler"? Discusses the unsolved case.

Boston strangler killings essay

The Boston Strangler was probably the most notorious criminal that Boston, Massachusetts has ever known. But who was the Boston Strangler?

Was he Albert DeSalvo, the person who confessed and went to jail for these crimes? Is he someone that took his secret to the grave and let an innocent man take the blame for his crime?

Or is he still walking the streets of Boston, or even the streets of another city? The Boston Strangler wreaked havoc on the city from June until January He claimed the lives of thirteen women, ages ranging from 85 years old to 19 years old. The next victim, was 85 year old Mary Mullen, she was not technically killed by the strangler, but rather a fatal heart attack when confronted by him.

On June 30th,Helen Blake met death at the hands of the strangler. Next was 68 year old Nina Nichols. The fifth victim was 75 year old Ida Irga. On August 20th, Jane Sullivan had been raped and strangled with her nylons. The only black woman to be killed by the hands of the Boston Strangler was Sophie Clark.

Boston strangler killings essay

On December 30th,23 year old Patricia Bissette was killed. Then 68 year old Mary Brown met her fate. The next victim was Evelyn Corbin. On November 11thJoann Graff was found raped and strangled in her apartment. But the Boston Strangler was getting sloppy, because he allowed himself to be seen.

A man that lived upstairs from Joann reported to police a man had knocked on the door across the hall from his and inquired about Ms. Graff, when he told the man where she lived he quickly left, but not without being seen. The final murder occurred on January 4th The victim was Mary Sullivan.

Susan Kelly in The Boston Stranglers: She cites a number of reasons why she and others still believed that DeSalvo was innocent.

The Boston strangler is a name attributed to the murders of these women. Most of these murders took place in the homes of the victims, with no signs of forced entry, which means they had to have let their assailant into their home, thinking it was an apartment hhmaintenance man, delivery man, or some other service man. In Boston Strangler In Albert DeSalvo, an inmate at a state mental hospital who had a history of burglary dating from the s, confessed to the murders. Although never actually charged with the killings (investigators at the time were unable to physically link him to the murder scenes), DeSalvo. Then, in January , the Boston Strangler murdered his last known victim. Mary Sullivan was found naked by flatmates. A stocking and silk scarf were pulled tightly around her neck, in a large bow.

Albert had a relatively memorable face, particularly because of his prominent, beak-like nose. The Strangler or Stranglers, since some experts believe that it had to be at least two different murderers and possibly more was seen by a number of eyewitnesses. He spoke to the stranger who was looking for her apartment just before she was killed.

When Rowe was shown a photo of Albert DeSalvo, he did not recognize him as the man looking for Joann.Despite the fact that some of the women were stabbed to death, the killer earned the name the "Boston Strangler." His killing sparked a full panic in the small city. The same thing that made Son of Sam, Jack the Ripper, Havery Glatman, Boston Strangler, Dr.

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BTK Killings Essay example Words | 3 Pages. Dennis Rader . From June, through January, , women in the city of Boston lived in fear of the infamous Strangler.

Over those 19 months, he committed 13 known murders-crimes that included vicious sexual assaults and bizarre stagings of the victims' bodies. Back Bay (source: Boston Globe Archives) Mary Mullen, 85, died from a heart attack, but in the confession was said to have collapsed as the strangler grabbed her; found on June 28, Nina Nichols, 68, sexually molested and strangled with her nylon stockings; found on June 30, During the mids, Boston was gripped with fear as women throughout the city were being raped and murdered by a serial killer.

Based on a true story, this film recounts the events that led up to the capture of Albert DeSalvo (Tony Curtis), aka The Boston Strangler, a mentally unstable man later convicted of the killings. Jul 12,  · BOSTON — Investigators said Thursday that they had linked the man believed by many to have been the Boston Strangler to DNA found in the home of a woman thought to be the Strangler.

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