Csr coca cola dissertation

Coca-Cola Company Introduction Corporate strategies are the core of every business undertaking. These strategies are the steering wheel that directs the way where the company is headed. In present times, the alignment of this strategy with the ethical and governance issues is imperative for any company to be successful Barkay,

Csr coca cola dissertation

My final year dissertation was a study of capitalism as a religion. The dissertation received the highest First grade of all the students in my year group. I was asked to continue onto do a PhD in topic by my Professor but decided it was time for me to become an entrepreneur instead.

Given the insanity going on in the world, I Csr coca cola dissertation it was time I published the dissertation as I do believe it is an important topic. On January 1st, I will challenge this blind faith with the book I will publish.

Please bear in mind this was an academic exercise and all the points I argue here are not reflective of my personal beliefs.

Alan Mulally

I hope you get value if you decide to read this! However, for the purposes of this dissertation I will look also at the effects capitalism has on people, as a worldview which directly informs the ways many people live their lives.

Indeed, capitalism currently forms the predominant means of subsistence for the majority of the world. Since the collapse of the Eastern Bloc in capitalism has been proclaimed globally triumphant. It is highly likely that it has developed to become the most powerful and globally influential worldview in the history of society and provides many people with a source of meaning to their lives.

In this dissertation I therefore aim to assess whether capitalism can itself be seen as a religion. This self-reflexive project should demonstrate to what extent capitalism has shared characteristics with those typically found in the commonly accepted religions of the world. In order to understand whether capitalism can be accepted as a religion one must analyse what a religion tends to look like.

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Indeed, religion holds centuries of association with power; it evokes both positive and negative images; it is constantly re-imagined and reinvented and provides a spectrum of ideas for assertions of power.

Religious ideas shape cultural imagination and have the power to inspire people not only to make money and kill others but also to stand and fight for justice and build societies that care for the weakest members.

However, to say exactly what religion is and what religion is not is a highly difficult and controversial task. This issue brings us to the first problem of finding a suitable definition of religion.

Indeed, if one looks at the history of the term we find that it is by no means a global term but one created by the West that has been appropriated universally.

There has been no lack of attempts to define religion. However, thus far, no definition has come close to suiting all parties. The aim of this study is to analyse whether it is legitimate to include capitalism among these forms of cultural life.

Csr coca cola dissertation

Cady argues that the presumed universality of the category has allowed a western, liberal mould to frame the data, wrenching it from its own material and socio-political context.

Therefore, the history and ambiguity of the term will be acknowledged in the analysis of capitalism as religion.

No scholar of religion occupies a position from nowhere; by being aware of the historical issues and mental constructions of what can and cannot be labelled religion, one is a step closer to achieving an impartial position.

Religion is a powerful and politically loaded term. The act of defining religion in this or that way, exercises control on the part of the definer Sutcliffe, There is certainly a high degree of misuse of the term in order to serve interests, which leads on to the politics of representation.

One must ask who gets to do the representing through the control of language and whether this can ever be legitimate control.

It is therefore important to constantly bear in mind the fact that definitions of religion are not neutral and do not occur in an academic vacuum Nye, However, it is not the aim of this study to further the debate on the semantic understanding of the terms.

Nonetheless, it must be appreciated that there is a tension present in the use of terminology. In the case of the functionalist definition, the boundaries are often drawn too tightly, resulting in the exclusion of certain traditions.

On the other hand, if the boundaries of the term are drawn too loosely, as in the case of the diluted substantive definitions, it is difficult to know exactly what is being referred to when it is employed, suggesting that just about anything and everything is a religion Connelly, Getting the balance right is therefore difficult; it is too easy to start to define religion as what one thinks it should be rather than what religion actually is Strenski, It is useful, therefore, to begin with a working heuristic definition, provisional in character and subject to modification, in order to bring a critical eye to what counts as legitimate subject matter for religion Connelly, Thesis or Dissertation.

Abstract. In The Coca-Cola Company announced their latest corporate social responsibility (CSR) project: the EKOCENTER. Envisioned for communities lacking access to safe drinking water, the EKOCENTER kiosks contain vaccine storage, wireless communication technology, clean drinking water, and Coca-Cola products under.

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2 CSR Communication for Advancing Corporate Reputation A case study of Coca-Cola CSR Communication ABSTRACT The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has emerged as an important topic for both.

The report also comprises analysis of Coca Cola’s marketing strategy and company’s approach towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

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The world’s largest beverage company, The Coca Cola Company is owner or licenser of more than non-alcoholic beverage brands. Corporate Strategy, Governance & Ethics; Coca-Cola Company. Coca-Cola chose those CSR activities which were aligned with their corporate objectives and thus maximizing the shareholder value (Barkay, ).

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