Fus ro dah writing a letter

Puma Manknown for his whining. Ambassador Phantom of the planet Krankor, from Prince of Space.

Fus ro dah writing a letter

Create New Just to be clear, he doesn't appear in any of her other issues either. Superhero teams in comic books constantly change. Characters join and leave so often that any given superhero team is often unrecognizable within a year.

Other superhero teams have a Heroes Unlimited setup, where there are Loads and Loads of Characters and no two issues will have the same group.

Parodies and Lampshades

As a result, there are a lot more fans of particular comic-book characters than there are fans of particular comic-book teams or titles.

Fans will like a new team book not if it has a name they recognize, but if it has characters they recognize. A new title will often sell based on whether it has already-popular characters in it, and existing characters will often be made more or less powerful based on how popular they are with readers.

This is done so that characters can be viewed by more readers, and also to find the best possible combination for a team for sales. This leads to one of the most overused tricks in comic-book marketing.

When a character is very popular, they will often get Wolverine Publicity: The character will often have a flood of mini-series which desperately search for something new to do with them "in this issue, Wolverine visits Turkmenistan!

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The next step of Wolverine Publicity is random cameos to drive other titles. The promoted character will appear in the first issue of every new title, and appear in old titles with flagging sales, regardless of whether the promoted character makes any sense there.

Particularly shameless marketers will just slap the promoted character on the cover and have them appear for one panel in the issue. They will often suffer from The Worf Effect ; a new character hasn't 'made it' unless they can thrash the most important character in the universe.

Even if the story is actually a team-up, this pairing might suffer from being a Story-Breaker Team-Up since the promoted character may not fit in with the title's story or tone at all. If a team has multiple titles, with different members in each one, the promoted character will somehow manage to appear in both titles — even if the two stories are supposed to be happening at the same time.

Not to be confused with the idea that Wolverine is becoming the focus of the Marvel Universe although that certainly has spawned many examples of this trope.

Whenever Marvel wants to do without him for a while, they usually have Magneto rip the metal off his bones Note that if the popular character is a legitimate lead character in a specific work, then the trope should not be listed in it.


It may count for the character as a whole, but not for that work. Try to avoid trope misuse. So he gets his own section, which may be in itself an example of this trope.

He's been so overused that his later appearances are prone to parody and Lampshade Hanging.Bible Pronunciation: A PhD provides audio bible snippets for how to pronounce, and how do you pronounce, and how do I pronouce biblical names.

biblical words correctly. Be it due to Narm Charm, Large Ham-ness, or simply due to their own glorious badassery, every line this sacred being spouts is an instant Memetic Mutation, to be repeated by the Internet-savvy throughout the ages..

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For more information regarding these characters' holy exploits, see Memetic Badass and similar pages. See also Youtube Poop for practical applications of their blessed dictions. Nov 19,  · I do not own this video nor the lyrics:) Anyway, any p comments:D?

Does anyone else Fus Ro Dah this guy?

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fus ro dah writing a letter

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fus ro dah writing a letter
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