Hate crimes in new jersey essay

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Hate crimes in new jersey essay

Hate crimes in new jersey essay

If convicted, you will face a severe fine, prison time, a criminal record, and extreme difficulty finding a job. Moreover, with the added news media attention associated with hate crimes, New Jersey prosecutors are being even more conscientious than ever before about bringing charges for such offenses.

Consequently, it is crucial that you hire a competent NJ criminal defense attorney who can help clear your name and fight to keep you out of prison. What is a Hate Crime? Generally speaking, a hate crime is any unlawful act done in a manner that evidences an intention to victimize an individual on account of his actual or perceived race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or disability.

For every hate crime committed, there must be an underlying unlawful act. That unlawful act can be harassment [N. However, the discrimination component is what elevates that unlawful act to a hate crime. Typically, there are four ways to get convicted of bias intimidation. Learn how our attorneys can help you.

Call us now for a free consultation: Penalties For Hate Crimes In New Jersey The penalty for bias intimidation is directly proportional to the penalty for the underlying crime. In other words, bias intimidation is a crime one degree higher than the most serious underlying offense you are being charged with that relates to the alleged discrimination.

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For example, if you are being charged with bias intimidation due to committing aggravated assault, a second degree crime in NJ, you will be facing a charge for first degree bias intimidation.

When the underlying crime is already a first degree crime, the bias intimidation charge will also be in the first degree. Make no mistake, if you are found guilty of bias intimidation, you will be sentenced for both the underlying offense and bias intimidation.

This means you will face two punishments: In this example, you could go to prison for up to 10 years for the aggravated assault charge and up to 30 years for the bias intimidation charge!

Ultimately, it is absolutely imperative to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows what to do in order to adequately protect your rights.

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Who Should You Contact? If you or a loved one was recently charged with a hate crime in NJ, contact Adam H. Rosenblum of The Rosenblum Law Firm today. Rosenblum is a skilled criminal defense attorney who has helped people in similar situations.

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He will defend your constitutional rights and do what he can to have your hate crime charges dismissed. E-mail or call him today at An Introduction to Hate Crime Hate and Bias Crimes Nature of these Crimes Important Cases Contact Hypothesis Consequences Kenneth Luker and two friends drove a backhoe and lawnmower over the grounds of two Jewish cemeteries in New Jersey, toppling and damaging numerous headstones.

Hate Crimes Books and articles about hate crimes often. The increasingly rate of hate crimes is soaring that many states like New York, New Jersey and California now have the highest number of hate crimes committed due to religion (“Hate Crimes”).

Religion is a major contributor into hate crimes against other people and religions. Hate Crimes in the United States Despite the fact that the United States has grown generally more tolerant and more accepting, hate crimes have been on the rise in many cities in the United States, particularly in California, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, .

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Home > News Releases > First-Year Honors Students from New Jersey Present Research on Global Health and Social Justice at Berkeley College First-Year Honors Students from New Jersey Present Research on Global Health and Social Justice at Berkeley College Through her research Ms.

Metawee found that hate crimes directed toward Muslims. Central New Jersey New Jersey Jewish News; Anti-Semitic uptick in Oregon college town as neo-Nazis come out of the woodwork off-again target of hate crimes, the local Jewish community of.

Essay Hate Crimes in New Jersey Hate Crimes in New Jersey " Until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream." These powerful words were uttered by Martin Luther King in the midst of the racial unrest in the 's.

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