Literary interpretation malcolm x autobiography haley

Download Summary of the Book Through a life of passion and struggle, Malcolm X became one of the most influential figures of the 20th Century. In this riveting account, he tells of his journey from a prison cell to Mecca, describing his transition from hoodlum to Muslim minister.

Literary interpretation malcolm x autobiography haley

Malcolm reaches out to Abd and his son Omar for help in navigating customs in Saudi Arabia. He is one of the first Little siblings to join the Nation of Islam.

Shorty Shorty is a hustler and aspiring musician with a particular obsession with white women, who helps Malcolm to enter the Roxbury ghetto life. They go on to become good friends and partners in crime. However, once Malcolm becomes a Muslim, their separate lifestyles drive them in different directions.

While he often supports Malcolm in times of need, Sammy also nearly kills him for disrespecting his girlfriend, permanently damaging their relationship.

Sophia A beautiful white woman, Sophia has an ongoing relationship with Malcolm throughout his years in Boston and New York. He one day accuses Malcolm of lying, nearly leading to a shootout.

Upon meeting with Malcolm, he urges him to learn about and adopt a more orthodox form of Islam. Kwame Nkrumah The president of Ghana, Malcolm regarded their meeting as the highest honor of his trip to Africa.

He shows Malcolm great hospitality while he is in Saudi Arabia. Hymie A Jewish restaurant investor, Hymie also employs Malcolm to bootleg liquor.


While they have a good relationship, Malcolm will reflect in prison that Hymie, like all white men, was always using him in some capacity. He leaves town before the police can arrest him, and is the only crew member able to escape.

Swerlin A large, jovial woman, Mrs. Swerlin treats Malcolm very kindly while he stays at her detention home for juvenile delinquents, and even goes out of her way to let him stay longer, rather than sending him on to a reform school.

Swerlin runs a youth detention home with his wife, Mrs. While Malcolm is there, he always treats him politely, despite holding some racist views.

John Hughes A skillful gambler and the owner of a gambling house Malcolm frequents in Boston. Gohannas Along with Mr. Lyon A black couple from Mason, they take in Malcolm after he leaves the Swerlin home and treat him as one of their own.

Turner A black detective in Roxbury who detests Malcolm. Fard The mythical founder of the Nation of Islam. Marcus Garvey A political leader, Marcus Garvey was a key voice in the Pan-Africanism movement—a philosophy which called for people of African descent around the world to return to their ancestral homes, and for white colonizers to leave Africa.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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A famous Civil Rights leader and contemporary of Malcolm X. King advocated a non-violent approach to protesting, and though he and Malcolm often disagreed on tactics, they generally supported and respected each other.

King was assassinated inthree years after Malcolm. Cite This Page Choose citation style: De La Cruz, Matthew.

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The autobiography was the collective result of Alex Haley and Malcolm’s efforts and while the autobiography was written and edited by Alex Haley, it was based on numerous interviews with Malcolm X and thus the autobiography is told from Malcolm’s point of view and presents a subjective perspective.

The most important of these three sections is the Epilogue, written by Alex Haley, the editor who assembled the Autobiography with Malcolm's direction.

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This section tells of Haley's personal relationship with Malcolm, and of how the book was composed by the two men working together. The Autobiography of Malcolm X, edited by Alex Haley, is an extended monologue by Malcolm X in which he recounts his life story, shares the dramatic changes that occurred in his life and thinking.

This week the late Manning Marable’s biography of Malcolm X was quite rightly awarded the Pulitzer Prize in History. Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention gives us as clear a portrait of the man as we’re ever likely to have, and in the process sifts through many of the stories and myths that Malcolm X told about himself.

Many of those stories are best known through Alex Haley’s The. Malcom X ’s collaborator in writing his Autobiography, Alex Haley does not show up as a character until the Epilogue. There, he informs the reader of his two years spent talking with Malcolm late.

Literary interpretation malcolm x autobiography haley
The Autobiography of Malcolm X as Told to Alex Haley (PDF)