Solarsystem in hindi

Discovery and exploration of the Solar System Andreas Cellarius 's illustration of the Copernican system, from the Harmonia Macrocosmica For most of history, humanity did not recognize or understand the concept of the Solar System.

Solarsystem in hindi

Article shared by Here is your essay on Solar System! The solar system consists of the Sun; the nine planets, 67 satellites of the planets and a large number of small bodies comets and asteroids.

The planets of the outer solar system are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The orbits of the planets are ellipses with the Sun at one focus. The Sun is the most important part of our solar system.

The sun travels around the galaxy together with planets and other objects bound to it by gravitational forces. These objects, together with many lesser masses, are known as the Solar system.


The Sun is just a star, one of a hundred billion inhabiting our galaxy alone. Being a star the Sun is an example of the fundamental building blocks of our universe. This will changes as the hydrogen is burned, and within the very central regions virtually all the hydrogen has been converted to helium.

The outer regions have not yet taken part in hydrogen burning. Astronomers have measured the chemical composition of the Sun, and can thus estimate that of the initial solar nebula from which the sun and planets formed. In addition to 78 percent by weight of hydrogen, they find 20 percent to be helium, while only 2 percent remains for other elements such as oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, and iron.

Solarsystem in hindi

Later, as its hydrogen becomes depleted, it will evolve into a giant red star, swelling to engulf the earth and the inner planets. The remnant Sun will fade gradually to oblivion, passing through the white dwarf stage on its way. Mercury — Mercury is named after the messenger of the Roman gods. It is the smallest of the inner planets and the second smallest in the whole Solar System.

It has a very weak magnetic field and — being the closest planet to the Sun — has only a very thin atmosphere of helium captured from the solar wind. Since there is no form of atmosphere, life on Mercury is impossible.

Nor will there be any manned flights in the future. However, there will be new unmanned probes sent out, if only to complete the map of the surface. Although Mercury has only a third the diameter of Earth, its density is about the same. Venus — Venus is named after the Roman goddess of love.

It is the second planet from the Sun and the brightest object in the sky other than the Sun and the Moort. It was once believed that life could exist in Venus but that has been proved wrong by various probes.

In fact, Venus has the most hostile environment in the entire Solar System. The surface temperature is fiercely hot and the atmospheric pressure is crushing.

One of the more apparent things that separate Venus from all the other planets in our solar system is that it rotates from east to west all the other planets rotate from west to east.

Because of this, Venus is said to be almost upside down.Sep 24,  · Tom Pickett 'From The Heart' Hi everyone. I'd like to share something very personal and very special with you all, some of my innermost thoughts and feelings. · Our Solar System includes the Sun and the planetary system revolving around it.

A “planetary system” is a group of non-stellar objects (planets, dwarf planets, moons, asteroids, meteoroids, comets and cosmic dust) that orbit around a star, the sun is classified as a  · Chapter 4 Galileo Telecommunications Jim Taylor, Kar-Ming Cheung, and Dongae Seo.

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