Why i want to go to spain essay

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Why i want to go to spain essay

DanHaneveer posted a great question on Twitter recently. In my opinion, and without hesitation, the answer is YES!. Of course, a bad job in a foreign country is better than an equivalent job you hate at home.

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There are many reasons for this. You are in a Foreign Country! You are having new experiences, seeing new things, meeting new people, learning more about the world and yourself.

Who cares about the job, enjoy the opportunity to live in new surroundings. You are Working You get all the benefits of being in a new country but you also have the security of a regular paycheck.

Finding a job abroad will allow you to get out of your home country much faster than trying to save up money to travel. You Can Travel More Living in a distant foreign country opens up a whole new world of inexpensive travel opportunities.

My home is now in Japan, that means there are numerous nearby nations that are an inexpensive, short plane trip away. And if you plan your trips right you can do free stop-overs in different countries for next to free.

Working on the other side of the world is a great way to get more stamps in your passport. New Insights Living in a foreign country opens you up to an entirely novel way of living.

All those old customs and habits we have in our home countries are just that, habits. It is not better or worse, it is just different.

New countries help you question your assumptions of what life is about and ultimately makes you a better person, if you let it. Escape Old Baggage We all get into self-defeating routines that can rob us of our dreams and passions.

We are afraid to try new things because we might fail and we all need to maintain a certain status among our peer groups. For better and for worse, being abroad allows you to escape your inhibitions and do things you might not have considered. There is no such thing as failure and humiliation in another country.

Get Out of the Consumption Cycle There is an incredible amount of peer and societal pressure to keep purchasing material possessions. People get locked in to cycles of bigger houses, newer cars and more things just because that is what everyone else is doing.

As an outsider in a foreign country you completely by-pass that consumerism.

Why i want to go to spain essay

Travelers are expected to have minimal possessions. It is cool and normal to not have anything when you are temporarily experiencing a foreign culture.

There is no stigma with that at all. In fact, it requires some prowess to be the first on scene to get the good stuff. It is a new job A different job, even if it is not so great, is a welcome change. You will be doing different things with different people so there will be a lot to learn.

Sure it might get tedious and boring after a while, but you are probably going to be in the foreign country for a short time anyway.

Embrace the new situation and learn what you can from it, then move on. Did I mention, You are in a Foreign Country! By all means quit your job and start working abroad. You will be much better for it. I know that I certainly am. I was stagnating in Canada after a couple of failed start ups, no money and no desire to start at the bottom of some boring corporation.

Moving to Japan was one of the greatest decisions I ever made. After a couple of years of working in mediocre jobs, I married a great woman, started a business and built a decent lifestyle.

It is time to move on now, but my first decision to come here was exactly what I needed to restart my life.

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Maybe it is what you need too? Go ahead, you know you want to! My name is John Bardos.Sep 03,  · I spent some time tonight writing an essay for my study abroad application (I want to go to Segovia, Spain this spring!

I’m crazy excited). Unfortunately, once I had saved it in a document, attached it to my app, and submitted it, I reviewed the requirements and saw that it was supposed to be written in Spanish. Jul 06,  · “The keen feeling of national identity must be considered a real barrier to European integration,” Mr.

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Lange wrote in an essay that became a foundational European Union . Instead we travel because we want to, because the annoyances of the airport are outweighed by the visceral thrill of being someplace new.

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Each essay has an interesting introduction, body paragraphs. If you are thinking of a doctorate because you want to keep your student visa and stay in the UK or at your current university a little longer - don't.

You must not use a PhD as a method to stay close to your friends or family, any more than you should commit a crime and have yourself locked up in jail. Travel to Spain would be a great experience for me since I have heard a lot about the country from friends and seen amazing pictures.

Besides the soccer, the country climate is one of the reasons I’d like to visit Spain for.

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